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Today was a reminder that writing code is only part of the job. Some days, it’s less the 50% of the job. Others, less than 20% of the job.

I shepherded my data backfill, and the simplifications it enabled into our production environment. On a Friday, at 3:30pm. Being afraid of shipping on Friday is a flaw in the system. Choosing not to ship on Friday, especially when changes will move customer’s cheese, is always a choice though. But fear is the mind continuous delivery killer. It takes a bunch of effort to build up confidence in the tests, and stability. You move slow, to move consistently, instead of moving fast in bursts, and then scrambling to clean up, and prepare for the next burst. “Marathon not a sprint”, “tortoise and the hare”, it’s all been said before.

Along with that was more nuanced code reviews. Knowing when to push, or not push, is a skill. Sometimes you’ve gotta let it slide, because the relationship is more important than a slightly different approach. Notice I didn’t say better approach. No approach is better than the other. It’s all about values, and what you’re optimizing for. Optimizing for healthy relationships with teammates is itself a trade-off.

My other significant task of the day, was shoring up the behavior when a customer unsubscribes from our product. It was a pleasant surprise to find 90% of the desired behavior was already implemented. Implementing the last 10% was simpler, after the data backfill task.