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Today I Learned

React’s Developer Tools are accessible from Safari!

For the last three years I’ve been developing day-to-day in Safari. Whenver this practice comes up in conversation the first question is “what about React Developer Tools?” Until today my answer was to drop into Chrome.

Today I discovered that react-devtools can be launched as a standalone application that can be connected to.

I wired this up in my Rails app with some development only logic.

<% # app/views/application.html.erb %>
<% if Rails.env.development? && ENV["CONNECT_TO_REACT_DEVTOOLS"] == "yep" %>
  <%= javascript_include_tag "http://localhost:8097" %>
<% end %>

With this in place, starting a Rails server with the appropriate environment flag does the trick. bin/rails server CONNECT_TO_REACT_DEVTOOLS=yep