This site is being built in the open

I decided to start over on a twenty year old personal website. Things will definitely feel rough draft as I build up a world from scratch. You can follow along with the progress on the commits page.

🐙 Generate a JSON structure from git commits

Mon, 21 Dec 2020 01:23:19 GMT

I have this idea that I’d like to surface the commits on the website in some way or another. It seemed like a fun exercise to try it out.

The prior art found in GitHub gists got me headed in the right direction. While the bash-only solutions were workable, I prefer to have something I understand, and can debug should the time ever come.

Deciding a to use a higher level language brought me to another decision. Double down on JavaScript in this 11ty site, or reach for the expressiveness of Ruby? I went with Ruby. The overhead is that I’ll have to subshell from JavaScript to Ruby, and subshell from Ruby to the git command. But what’s one more, really?