This site is being built in the open

I decided to start over on a twenty year old personal website. Things will definitely feel rough draft as I build up a world from scratch. You can follow along with the progress on the commits page.

🚧 Add an "under construction" banner

Tue, 22 Dec 2020 04:29:42 GMT

This is an idea borrowed from Eric Bailey’s personal website. It establishes a helpful context when browsing the site, and I’d like the same for mine.

It calls to mind the “under construction” websites of old. They wouldn’t have anything to show for their construction, but a placeholder was launched for…who knows why. Fear of missing out on a lead, if the page was completely blank, and banking on their return to perpetually check if the construction was complete?

To stretch the analogy, this approach feels less like a fence keeping visitors out of a construction zone, and more like a hard hat to wear upon entry.