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The Wisdom of Finance—By Mihir Desai

My notes

Picked this one up on a whim during one of Audible’s books-on-the-cheap deal’s. The author’s goal is to bridge the gap between the disciplines of finance and humanities by demonstrating how often financial vehicles are embedded in our favorite and oldest stories. This strategy is effective at boiling down finance jargon into concepts that make sense in every day life. At the root of all finance is risk management, which is what makes insurance a topic that has enduring interest. Suggestions for redeeming finance, correcting its heartless and cut-throat reputation are offered, but it’s up to the individual to make changes in their own life to realize this ideal. Overall, the author is effective at communicating finance ideas to the laymen, with a borderline pastoral emphasis on using these tools to make the world (read: relationships) better instead of the endless accumulation of “more”. Would recommend, and will probably revisit with some frequency.


The Wisdom of Finance
Mihir Desai