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The War of Art—By Steven Pressfield

My notes

This one got added to my reading list after I finished Pressfield’s “Do the Work” in 2011. In the years since then I’ve heard it quoted numerous times, such that it began to feel like I had already read it in it’s entirety. Then I got to the third section, where Steven waxes poetic about the role of the unseen inspiration that fuels any meaningful work. There’s little wonder why this part gets omitted or glossed over by quotations. His belief in the unseen world spits in the face of the reigning materialism. Sources and details aside, I have a deep respect for the guts to lean into the belief that there’s more than what we can see and touch. Highly practical advice for anyone wanting to start any project. I’ll probably pick up my own copy, and re-read from time to time to give myself the proper kick in the pants to focus.


The War of Art
Steven Pressfield