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The Second Mountain—By David Brooks

My notes

This book slid right into my theme of examination during a year including a sabbatical. The premise is simple enough to grok. Most people work hard to establish their ego with accomplishments, material wealth, etc, and come to the same conclusion that there has to be something more/better to do with life. Brooks calls this epiphany the peak of the first mountain.

Some people live here forever, convinced that they’re not settling the top of the first mountain correctly. Other people descend the mountain of self-centeredness, and ascend to a second peak. There are several options for this second ascent. This journey is marked by selflessness and commitment that endures inconvenience.

Some sections of this book were compelling. Some were a slog. The overall pacing is worth it to access Brooks unique experience and perspective. Regardless of differing reader motivations, there’s something for everyone to challenge and refine their life’s focus.


The Second Mountain
David Brooks