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The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry—By John Mark Comer

My notes

Ironically, this was a very quick weekend read.

John does a great job of distilling a bunch of sources across the decades into a voice that meets us in our culture today. The guts of his argument is that the movements of mindfulness, essentialism, minimalism, self-care, simplicity, etc are a reaction to the experiment of secularism failing. The draw to these practices is an admission that there is more going on in our brains and bodies than simply rational, autonomous choice-making. These practices happen to look a lot like what used to be called “spiritual disciplines”, but they miss out on the best part, which is Jesus.

The biggest takeaway is his emphasis on Christ calling us to a way of life, not a mental ascent. He posits the calm we seek will be found in practicing the way of Jesus. It reads like a modern paraphrase of Richard Foster’s “The Celebration of Discipline”, and I welcome it.


The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry
John Mark Comer