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The Rails 5 Way—By Obie Fernandez

My notes

I’ve been writing Rails for nearly 10 years. I picked this book up to refresh my understanding of my every day tool of choice. Having watched release notes over the years, most things felt very familiar. I did pick up on a few APIs I wasn’t familiar with that I think could simplify some code I’ve written recently. The only thing that throws me off about this book, is how many areas diverge into configuration (of substitutionary tools) over convention, which is decidedly not “the Rails way”. Even so, I appreciated a growing understanding of the alternative choices in the ecosystem, and the always persistent trade offs. If you’re not interested in writing Rails code, I would not recommend this book. If you are interested in writing Rails code, I’d recommend pairing this book with a friend who can help process the ideas. (Me. I could be that friend to anyone who wants to learn Rails.)


The Rails 5 Way
Obie Fernandez