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The Attributes of God—By A. W. Tozer

My notes

Recommendations for Tozer have been abundant in my life. Given such priming, I found this work good, but not overwhelmingly so. There are some places where Tozer starts with human understanding of familiar situations, and uses those to extrapolate towards what God is like. In other sections, he emphasizes God’s all-together otherness that is beyond comprehension. I think where it falls flat is that some assumptions from half a century ago are no longer assumptions, and the shelf-life of the analogies has passed expiration.

Despite that unpredictable miscommunication to a future audience, his main thesis seems apt. As Christians and churches have focused more on growth through a pacified theology, the depth of spiritual roots seems insufficient for the storms of real life. When having something to show is more important than having something of substance, the numbers look good, but the hearts can remain broken. Surely I am oversimplifying.


The Attributes of God
A. W. Tozer