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I read Rich Kids by Thomas C. Corley around

Review: ★★★

Practical advice wrapped in a narrative. I hadn’t heard of the author, but based on the introductory praise I gather that Rich Habits is the vehicle that has driven his initial success.

The prose is effective enough in communicating a bunch of good advice. If forced to make a wager, I would bet that doing the things in this book would result in success and happiness.

Where I have to be a critic with this book, is the narrow definition of success and happiness it offers. Acquiring possessions and being in the presence of celebrity seems to be the carrot dangled before the wealth-habits stick. While I feel confident that I could pass along any of this practical advice and embrace it myself, the measure of a life worthy of praise left me wanting for a wider definition of what makes people successful.


Rich Kids
Thomas C. Corley
9781626529861 (find it on Bookshop, IndieBound, WorldCat, or Open Library)