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Principles—By Ray Dalio

My notes

I knew nothing about this book other than it was titled Principles, and seemed fitting as I strive to be a man of principle. Ray Dalio shares that value, and I appreciate all the effort he’s gone through to document the disciplines that have built the life he’s lived. Also worth appreciating, is that Ray doesn’t want you to adopt his principles, but he wants you to adopt the principles that help you realize the life you want to live.

The book is divided into thirds of autobiography, principles for life, and principles for work. A commitment to discovering the truth in a community of believable people, humility in admitting you might not have the best perspective in that community, and setting up systems for continually improving are the highlights. What Ray calls “radical transparency”, I’d call “bring all things into the light”. Love rejoices in the truth, and we’ll all understand each other better if we pursue the truth.

I find it interesting that in our increasingly post-truth society, Ray’s rootedness is in discovering the truth about any given situation. Embracing reality rather than daydreaming about ideals.


Ray Dalio