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Deep Work—By Cal Newport

My notes

This is a work of great practical value. The author quantified suspicions I’ve been having about work life balance.

The first section was the more intriguing. The proposition that positioning yourself for deep work will lead to unparalleled career gains. In an economy where most people are short sighted and stick to the shallows, those with the skills to avoid the noise and go deep will find a lot of success.

The second part of the book was more practical. Quit social media. Have a ceremony to wrap up your day. Boiling it down: learn discipline, and stick to it.

There was a little bit of anecdotal self-referencing. Heralding the increased publishing of papers in the field of computer science while adjusting to newborn life, and writing this very work all because of Deep Work. It was mentioned a few times too many, but it also left an impression so ¯\(ツ)/¯.

I have the luxury of not living in email. Most of the shallows I find, is idle moments because I don’t have a grand goal that I am aiming for. When such a goal presents itself, I’ll now be armed with the strategies and tools to achieve the task through Cal’s strategies.

On the whole: I’d recommend this book.


Deep Work
Cal Newport