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Atheist Delusions—By David Bentley Hart

My notes

This was a long, wordy, enjoyable one. The briefest of summaries: it’s okay with David if you’re an atheist, but don’t revise history to make that stance more palatable, nor deny the sizable Christian worldview deposits that enable the present-day withdrawals we all take for granted. Like any field of study, it is disingenuous to act as though we don’t stand on the shoulders of giants. My takeaway is to be charitable in history and interpretation, acknowledging that my present ideals may in fact be the contribution of the ancestors of those I presently disagree with. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water because someone has made a critical error in one particular facet of life. Human life and all its relationships are complex. Humans get things right, but they also get things wrong. It’s complicated.


Atheist Delusions
David Bentley Hart