This site is being built in the open

I decided to start over on a twenty year old personal website. Things will definitely feel rough draft as I build up a world from scratch. You can follow along with the progress on the commits page.


As previously noted, I resist the nomenclature around blogging. Some alternative ideas to supplant the title of blogroll include:

At the end of the day, it’s a list of individuals’ websites, RSS feeds, and/or newsletters that I draw inspiration from. I’ve presented them in alphabetical order.

Dave Rupert
Dave writes regularly about developing for the web, and it’s always insightful.
Derek Sivers
I first heard of Derek when I read Anything You Want. Everything I’ve read sense then has made me stop and think.
Eric Bailey
Eric’s ethos towards design and development is front and center. The process of being developed in the open was a big inspiration in me doing the same. Everything published here seems carefully considered, and worthy of the time needed for ingesting.
Frank Chimero
I honestly don’t remember how I first heard Frank. It was around 2010’ish? There’s a back catalogue of worthwhile thoughts.
I’d consider Everything Easy is Hard Again required reading for everyone developing for the web browser.
Hans Gerwitz
Hans’ personal site is an inspiring archive. The minimal navigation is unique, and works really well for the stated goals.
Jamie’s Notes
I can’t recall how I stumbled upon this one. But it’s a good’n.
Jim Nielsen
The regularity of digestible, interesting posts is a real treat.
Joel Hooks
Joel’s blog isn’t a blog. This digital garden is well tended, and provides a lot of interesting deep dives in the areas of entrepreneurship and online educational content.
Joshua Blankenship
Joshua’s blog may have been among the first I subscribed to, way way way back. Great takes on every area of life.
Manton Reece
Founder of, and publisher of all things indie.
Mattias Ott
No relation, but the thoughts published definitely speak my language.
Michael Chan
Michael and I met as partners-in-code at Planning Center. He’s even better offline than he is online. If you’re in the React community, you’ve probably heard of him. If not, you’re welcome.
Michael Lee
I appreciate the balance of entrepreneurship, development, and real life content that Michael publishes.
Ryan Singer
Ryan Singer is the Head of Product Strategy at Basecamp. Tapping into his design process mind is super educational.
Tania Rascia
Always with the understandable write-ups on interesting projects.