Born in Seattle. Raised in Kentucky. Returned to Seattle. Moved back to Kentucky. Longing for Seattle. Leaning into Kentucky. North west is best. Yet there’s nothing like the bluegrass.

The first thing I built on the Internet was a website for our highschool wrestling league. Notice I said league, not team. This wasn’t varsity lettering. This was backyard wrestling. I won a ladder match or two, wherein my nose broke from a Christmas popcorn tin to the forehead. We needed to put our profiles online for the world to know the current DCW featherweight champion. My tag team was named High Freakuency.

I remember that first moment of saving a text file, refreshing the browser, and seeing High Freakuency’s profile manifest visually. It’s a thrill I’ve never gotten tired of, so I kept building things on the Internet. It’s been over twenty years now. All signs point to doing it for twenty more.

These days I enjoy helping small teams build focused products. Lately I’ve been doing that with my dream team at Planning Center. I’m also growing in fandom of the IndieWeb.

More than any of that I enjoy my family and friends. We take hikes, play games, build puzzles, and celebrate pizza night weekly. My wealth is in my relationships. Please remind me of that. And consider investing today to get in on the ground floor.


These are the tools I use to build this site.

  • Getting Things Done — this book makes getting things done... doable. It’s in the title.
  • MacBook Pro — I’ve got one with a touchbar, and it did not change my life.
  • Terminal — the baked in system terminal on macOS works for me.
  • Safari — when everyone uses Chrome or Firefox, it’s a superpower to develop in Safari and catch bugs before they ship.
  • Visual Studio Code — I got tired of configuring vim. Configuring VSCode is a breeze, and the vim bindings are good enough for 98% of what I do day-to-day.
  • Rails — my hammer that makes everything look like a nail.
  • Tailwind CSS — utility first CSS framework that does everything I need.
  • Netlify — makes deploying a static site effortless.


A mood board of personal sites that inspire me to keep mine going too.