🔗 The shock and awe of state-sponsored women’s fashion

But the thing about state-sponsored attacks is that they’re a bit like magic tricks: they operate at a scale which is absurd, which makes them unimaginable, and that’s why they work. Like artificial weather or guided influenza.

Matt Webb’s Interconnected is one of my favorite RSS reads. This post hypothesizing a “state-sponsored fashion hack” feels all too plausible. That’s what’s so compelling about Matt’s writing. It walks the line of historical fiction and science fiction.

I’m left believing that potential futures needs these two things:

  1. Hopes for what we can achieve
  2. An awareness for how wrong things could go

How things could go wrong has prevented me from taking any action at times. Inaction is not the only solution. There’s a balance of making progress while managing risk. And it strikes me that balance requires constant effort and attention during infancy.